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The United Kingdom, once a part of the European Union, is commonly known as the United Kingdom, seldom called The Great Britain or only Britain, though officially it’s called the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland. It lies in the northern-western coast of the Europe mainland. The United Kingdom is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and various water bodies namely, the North Sea to its east, the English Channel to its south and the Celtic Sea to its south-south-west, giving it the 12th-longest coastline in the world. The capital city of the country is London. The official and national language of UK is English. The currency used in the United Kingdom is Pound Sterling. A country with constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary​ democracy, having  HDI roaring at 0.909 and GDP growing over 2.63 Trillion US Dollars, is one of the top destination for an individual or a company to land their base or setup.


An offshore company in the UK offers numerous benefits to an existing business or to an individual on a multitude of levels. Offshore Company Formation can provide benefits like asset protection, confidentiality, enhanced privacy, tax savings or simply expedites your business internationally. Although there are many points, pros and cons to be considered before choosing a jurisdiction or an offshore financial centre. It is highly recommended to first analyse and then decide the offshore location because it is a must that it suits you and your needs.


A company registered in the United Kingdom is formed purely to operate as an agent for the IBC. It acts as an agent for an Offshore International Business Company like mentioned earlier, as it is a helpful and beneficial strategy that’s been in practised by savvy International Businessmen. This particular system is most efficient for the purpose of doing business in major and big financial centres, especially Europe as it is one of the biggest economic hubs in the world.


The United Kingdom has a good rapport within International Business Community. The taxation regime in the UK is quite straight and is a great choice for those looking to register holding company that is received from subsidiaries in certain circumstances and are not taxed on the basis of a dividend.

The opportunities in the UK are for effective business structuring. As there may be several reasons for considering opening an IBC in the UK besides the fact that there is no residency requirement for directors and partners to set up an Offshore Company.


Here is quick fact check of the United Kingdom Offshore Company:


Company type Private Company Limited by shares.
Governing corporate legislation Malta companies are regulated under the Malta Companies

Act 1995. The Maltese Registry of Companies, and the

Malta Financial Services Authorityis are the governing


Information published relating to company officers The names of company officers appear on public record.

Nominee officers can be used to avoid the client’s name


Confidentiality Malta offers a high level of anonymity and privacy.
Accounting requirement Accounts and tax filing must be submitted every year.
Taxation The effective corporate tax rate is 5%. While the regular

corporate tax rate is 35%, as a foreign shareholder, one

would be reimbursed 80% of that amount. This results in a

highly attractive 5% final rate.

Legislation Modern offshore legislation.
Standard currency EUR
Time to form Malta has a fast and efficient registry: 1 week formation


Stability Very stable jurisdiction with an excellent reputation.
Communication Efficient communication means.
Time zone Convenient world time zone: GMT+1
Secretary required Yes
Paid up capital requirement Yes. 20% of EUR 1,200 paid up capital requirement.

Effectively a EUR 240 deposit in a CIF account.

Basis of legal System Under Common Law.
Minimum directors/shareholders Minimum of 1 director and 1 shareholder.
Bearer shares Bearer shares are permitted


Documents required for the creation of the company formation

A certified copy of passport, 2 Original or certified copies of the proof of domicile (issued within the last 3 months), an original letter of reference from your bank, an original professional reference letter (by lawyer or accountant), as well as a signed business plan and a curriculum vitae.


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